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Giant Word Winder®

Created by Jumble® author and the world’s most syndicated daily word game creator, David L. Hoyt

  • GIANT Word Winder® is a 9 foot by 9 foot educational word game that is played on the floor.
  • Players lay out 16 interchangeable and double-sided boards – each board consisting of a grid of 16 letters.
  • 2-3 teams or individual players take turns highlighting words on the gameboard with brightly colored chips.
  • The first team to complete a winding path of words from one side of the gameboard to its opposite side wins!
  • Players collaborate on offensive and defensive strategies, all while honing their spelling and vocabulary skills.
  • With more than 262 decillion combinations, no two games will every play the same.

Educational Benefits

GIANT Word Winder® benefits students in so many ways! This engaging and interactive word game helps students develop their cognitive skills and enhance their vocabulary, while simultaneously fostering critical thinking, team building, and leadership skills. Additionally, GIANT Word Winder® aligns with several key educational initiatives, including the 4C’s, Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Learning. Here’s a look at how GIANT Word Winder® accomplishes all of this:

Active Peer Learning

GIANT Word Winder® creates a great environment for peer-to-peer learning! The gameplay encourages students to share their word knowledge and strategies out loud, which allows every player in the game to hear and see the words being spelled. Additionally, students gain exposure to vocabulary they may not yet have mastered themselves. All of this happens while students actively move around right on the gameboard, thereby physically engaging students in the learning process.

Team Building

GIANT Word Winder® is an excellent team building tool. The game encourages students to communicate their thinking to identify words and to collaborate on offensive and defensive strategies. These actions help foster confidence and teamwork, both key elements of Social & Emotional Learning (SEL).

Aligned with State Standards

GIANT Word Winder® is aligned with the Common Core State Standards, particularly those within the English Language Arts Foundation Skills. The flexible game design provides a multitude of words to identify on each board, supporting learners of all skill levels. This allows for the development of grade level appropriate phonics and analysis skills for every grade level, all within the same game! Here’s an example:


In the above diagram you can see that a first grader might play CAT, a second grader might play CATCH, and a third grader might play CATCHING, and best of all; they could all play together!

GIANT Word Winder® is also aligned with 21st Century Skills because it builds and fosters creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. These so-called “soft skills” expand and enhance traditional learning such as basic literacy and numeracy, and are increasingly emphasized in education today.

Quotes From Experts

  • We see GIANT Word Winder as part of the discourse surrounding 21st Century learning, which is about getting kids up and thinking with their hands and their minds. GIANT Word Winder really does that.

    Liz McChesney Director of Children’s Services, Chicago Public Library
  • GIANT Word Winder challenges kids with multiple life skills like creative thinking and decision making.

    Nate Scheidler Chicago Toy and Game Group

Meet the inventor

Hi! I’m David L. Hoyt. I’m so glad to be able to introduce you to my new game, GIANT Word Winder. This game is unlike any you’ve probably ever seen and it has a lot of wonderful aspects that are integral to making an outstanding educational game. Kids love it because its fun and adults love it because kids are learning while having a great time! GIANT Word Winder helps hone skills like critical thinking and decision making, as well as team building, strategizing, basic spelling, and vocabulary building! Yep, all of those things rolled up into one unbelievable package! AND you play GIANT Word Winder on the floor so it allows for kinesthetic learning.

Because I am an inventor of Word Games, I really believe in the power of words.  The more words you know the more knowledge you obtain.  The more knowledge you obtain the smarter you will be.  If you think about it, words have more power than we realize.  They can start wars, and they can ends wars.  The more words we know, the more knowledge we obtain, the more power we have. I love that games I have invented, like GIANT Word Winder, can empower people to gain more knowledge and help them become smarter.  I hope that you see the value in GIANT Word Winder and will invest in a game for your school, library, church, summer camp, or even basement! If you have any questions about inventing, or GIANT Word Winder, please feel free to contact us!