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Giant Math Winder

Created by the world’s most-syndicated daily word game creator David L. Hoyt

The object of the game is to be the first team (or individual) to create a winding path of equations from one side of the Gameboard to the opposite side, either top to bottom or side to side.

Quotes From Experts

  • We see GIANT Word Winder as part of the discourse surrounding 21st Century learning, which is about getting kids up and thinking with their hands and their minds. GIANT Word Winder really does that.

    Liz McChesney Director of Children’s Services, Chicago Public Library
  • GIANT Word Winder challenges kids with multiple life skills like creative thinking and decision making.

    Nate Scheidler Chicago Toy and Game Group

Meet the inventor

Hi! I’m David L. Hoyt. I’m so glad to be able to introduce you to my new game GIANT Word Winder. This game is unlike any you’ve probably ever seen and it has a lot of great aspects that are integral to making a great educational game. Kids love it because its fun and adults love it because kids are learning while having a great time! GIANT Word Winder helps hone skills like critical thinking and decision making, as well as team building, strategizing and basic spelling and vocabulary building! Yep, all of those things rolled up into one unbelievable package! AND you play GIANT Word Winder on the floor so it allows for kinesthetic learning, which you can learn more about here: Learning with Movement.

Because I am an inventor of Word Games, I really believe in the power of words.  The more words you know the more knowledge you obtain.  The more knowledge you obtain the smarter you will be.  If you think about it, words have more power than we realize.  They can start wars, and the can ends wars.  The more words we know, the more knowledge we obtain, the more power we have. I love that games I have invented, like GIANT Word Winder can empower people and help them become smarter and gain more knowledge.  I hope that you see the value in GIANT Word Winder and will invest in a game for your school, library, church, summer camp, or even basement! If you have any questions about inventing or GIANT Word Winder, please feel free to contact us!