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Our GIANT Games, GIANT Word Winder, GIANT Math Winder, and the GIANT Word Winder Early Learner Version are all fantastic team building games, where players practice and hone Vocabulary, Math, and Social skills.  Each game set includes 16 double-sided game boards that can be put together in 262 decillion combinations. Each board is made from an extremely durable and water resistant corrugated plastic that can be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water. The game set also include 225 playing chips (75 Orange, 75 Green, and 75 Red) made from a durable plastic that can be hand washed or run through a dishwasher. The set also includes a non-slip mat, written and video instructions and 3 Free Word Winder board games!

GIANT Word Winder: $495 + s/h

GIANT Math Winder: $495 + s/h

GIANT Word Winder Early Learner: $495 + s/h