Summer Learning Challenge Update


David and I are in the process of visiting around 20 Chicago Public Libraries as part of the CPL Summer Learning Challenge. We are having SO much fun playing GIANT Word Winder and GIANT Math Winder with patrons as young as 3 and as old as 17. We have 4 programs left before we are done for the summer. But, we are going to miss all of FUN and PLAY that has permeated our lives the last four weeks!

Its amazing for me to see the faces of children light up when they discover something new, or learn that they spelled a word correctly, or created a true equation. I am witnessing children learning through play and you can tell they LOVE it. Their brains are like sponges soaking up knowledge that they don’t even realize they are practicing or learning. I often think to myself, in 5 years are they going to be spelling the word we just practiced and have a visual/tactile memory to go with the challenge of spelling the word correctly, or remembering the meaning? I believe so. I certainly hope so.

This summer, just like last year, has been incredibly rewarding. David and I are so grateful and thankful for the Chicago Public Library and the Chicago Public Library foundation for providing us the opportunity to play GIANT Word Winder and GIANT Math Winder during the Summer Learning Challenge programming. And we cannot forget to thank all of the amazing children’s librarians we have met. The work that all of you do is SO very important and we appreciate you for it! And thank you, also, to all the children and adults who have played with us. We have had so much fun! We hope you have also.

Below are some photos of our programming, although they don’t do the experience justice. We’ve been so busy teaching and playing we keep forgetting to take photos!


As always,

Thanks for playing!



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