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One of my favorite things about GIANT Word Winder is what a versatile resource it is for educators. In addition to the standard game play, the 16 double-sided boards can be deliberately configured to support particular learning outcomes, from work around specific prefixes and suffixes, to using Greek and Latin root words, to learning new vocabulary words–the possibilities are endless!
This summer we had an amazing opportunity to show off this feature of GIANT Word Winder to dozens of children throughout the city of Chicago. GIANT Word Winder and David L. Hoyt partnered with the Chicago Public Library in support of their Summer Learning Challenge. This year’s theme was space, and David loved creating space-themed game and puzzle content for the Explore and Soar! brochure. Additionally, he hosted over 20 in-person events at CPL branches throughout the city. At these events, David used a lesson plan that I developed to highlight vocabulary words related to space, such as meteor, planet, and rocket. The kids who played were engaged, active, and best of all: learning!
We will continue to create lesson plans as part of our Teacher and Librarian Tool Kits, with an emphasis on STEM vocabulary development. We know firsthand how valuable play-based learning is, and we’re committed to helping educators find ways to incorporate it into classrooms and libraries.

Chazmin Baechler, MSEd, Director of Educational Research

As Chaz says we are currently developing more vocabulary lists like the space-themed one we created for the Chicago Public Library’s Summer Learning Challenge Program. And those list along with other creative lesson plans that help you to utilize GIANT Word Winder to its full potential will be available soon.  In the meantime, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what these plans look like.  You can download our space vocabulary list game set up for free right here: Space Vocabulary.

As always, thanks for playing!


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