Playing GIANT Word Winder in Swahili


We are so excited for our trip to the Kibaoni Primary School in Tanzania that we decided to get a game in Swahili going to help us prep for our trip.  We learned a few words and hope we will remember them while we are with the students in Africa.  It was just as fun if not more fun to play in Swahili as it is in English.  We took a video of our game.  We hope you enjoy watching it!


Here are a list of Swahili words we found and their English translations:

KULA – Eat

NGAPI – How Many

MOTO – Hot


ZAIDI – More

MKONO – Hand

KUKAA – Stay

JINA – Name


HALI – Thus

KIKE – Female

SANA – Very

USI – Eyebrow

ETI – Wherein

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