News from the National Summer Learning Conference

David and I recently attended the National Summer Learning Conference in Baltimore, MD as sponsors and exhibitors. We were there to exhibit GIANT Word Winder and GIANT Math Winder, because we see the game as a great tool for Summer Learning programs nationwide. GIANT Word Winder and GIANT Math Winder aren’t just for the school year.  These games help keep minds and bodies active all year round. One of the tangential reasons for us attending this conference is that one of our favorite people, educators, and summer learning advocates, Liz McChesney of the Chicago Public Library, along with her colleague Bryan Wunar, accepted the Founders Award for Excellence for the Chicago Public Library’s 2015 Summer Learning Challenge. Below you’ll see Liz with their award made by students featuring a 3-D printed Rocket.  Pretty Cool, Liz!

We also got to play with educators and game enthusiasts during 2 workshop sessions during the conference and the games could not have been more fun and more eye opening to the players regarding all the great things that GIANT Word Winder can do as a learning tool. One educator really stood out to me. She was a Physical Education teacher from Massachusetts. She explained to me that she has had to start teaching common core themes in her GYM class and that even though she struggles to find relationships between learning the stages of matter and the rules of table tennis, she does find ways to incorporate certain lesson within her classes and she saw GIANT Word Winder as a way to easily combine calisthenics and vocabulary building and team building. More on this to come! In the mean time, check out some photos from our workshops.

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