GIANT Word Winder Goes to Central Park

Hey Folks!

GIANT Word Winder traveled to New York on Wednesday for a quick visit to the Wall Street Journal, where David L. Hoyt, the inventor of GIANT Word Winder and GIANT Math Winder, talked about the significance of the game as an educational tool. David stressed the fact that GIANT Word Winder not only provides an out-of-the-box way of learning spelling and vocabulary for students, it also provides opportunities to hone team building and leadership skills.

In addition to the interview David gave, he managed to stop off at Central Park to play a couple rounds of the game with the men featured in the above photo.

We love to see GIANT Word Winder and Word Winder, the board game being played in fun and creative spaces. Where do you play? Send us a photo of your game being played in an unconventional space at [email protected] and we’ll feature it on our blog and social media.

Keep Playing!


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